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A collection of the new art riot images, writings and the glamour of destruction fused with the essential nature of creation. Junky hipster drag tranies congregating in the shadows of a baptismal font...
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from Burger King kid’s meals in 1997. The toys are cool enough alone but they added awesome glow in the dark stickers too! Frankenstein lights up on his lab table. Wolfman leaps out of his crate. The Creature squirts water and Dracula pops out of his coffin.

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a bunch of fan-made alternate Halloween posters…

go here for some (and lots more Carpenters):  http://www.massappealdesigns.com/official-fan-made-alternate-posters-for-john-carpenter-movies/

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Mumia Abu Jamal, 1970. Philadelphia.
 Photo: Philadelphia Inquirer.


Mumia Abu Jamal, 1970. Philadelphia.

 Photo: Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Top Ten Albums That Personify Modern Punk, In No Order, Really (2004-2014)

1.Fucked Up- “David Comes To Life” (2011)

2. Titus Andronicus- “Airing Of Grievances” (2008)

3. Jay Reatard-  ”Blood Visions” (2005)

4. The Libertines- “The Libertines”(2005)

5. Deerhunter- “Cryptograms” (2007)

6. No Age-“Everything in Between” 2010

7. Cloud Nothings- “Attack on Memory” (2012)

8. Savages- “Silence Yourself” (2013) 

9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- “It’s Blitz!” (2009)

10. The Horrors- “Strange House” (2007) 

This album taught me so much about punk and pop songwriting its insane. I love it so much, this band is still something else. 

THE BEST punk album in the past five years. Amazing.